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Detlef Dietel

Detlef Dietel, born in 1962, is master bricklayer and a building technician. Both qualifications were received in Karlsruhe/Germany. Besides all the works to do with bricklaying he specialized in everything to do with water (pools, waterfalls and more...).








Our team
Thanks to our qualified team we can also realize difficult construction sites with all the neccesary professionalism.
   Zweibau Team Zweibau TeamZweibau Team


We guarantee quality

Zweibau: BaustelleFrom all the different criteria the most important one for us is the satisfaction of the client. This we can achieve only by a long term high quality. We guarantee that by the following critera:

> our own qualification
> a skilled and experienced team
> planification and realization according to international standards
> daily control on the sites


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