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Good ideas are only as good as their implementation. At ZWEIBAU we can make concrete proposals to you for your idea.

1. Your idea

A good building offers good comfort and makes you enjoy your home every single day. Especially the outside areas like the garden or terrace are playing a very important role considering the subtropical climate on the canary islands. Due to this, special interventions like a pool, a waterfall, a pergola or even nice surfaces and divisions can give your house a complete new value.

2. Our proposals

We can offer you a design of the new element or even an arrangement with the existing elements. This can be supported by sketches and CAD-models.




3. The deal

If you agree with our proposal we can make you a quick quotation which also includes the planning and the payments, so you are going to have all the necessary information to take a decision.

4. The planning permission the planning of details

Once we have got a deal we can start to help you purchasing all the necessary building-licenses and define the important details.

5. The realization

During the job we can guarantee you due to our qualification a high performance and a high quality as well as an organised process and a clean construction-site.