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First class bathrooms with elegant tiles combined with designer-accessories.

In bathroom design are no limits for creativity. Elegant tiles combined with designer-accesories transform your bathroom in a place of well-being and form your own personal style. Skilled labour and well designed details take care that the hygiene is in first place.

Smooth colours

Smooth colours and different textures combined with modern accessory are defining the several surfaces and areas in this bathroom to create a special liveliness

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Mosaic mixture

Different kinds of mosaic tiles and minimalist designer accesory create a mixture of complexity, warmth and security in this compact bathroom.

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Completely out of mosaic!

This compact bathroom is completely paneled with uniform mosiac tiles, which creates kind of a cave effect. The filing trays, the mirror and the lamp on the ceiling were combined with a vertical color gradient inside the tile pattern.

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Elegant grotto

In this case, the several areas where paneled with elegant mosaic tiles. The different materials were unified in a minimalistic way and were integrated in the cave design.

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Warm colours

In this bathroom is focused on the warm colours. A minimalist design combined with elegant accesory is creating a special cosy atmosphere.

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Open space

This generous bathroom was designed very spacious. The shower cubicle was replaced by a special slope and sealing on the floor.

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